AMVCS was formed on 7th May 1975 with an emphasis on the WWII period.  Now over 40 years later AMVCS has 180 members and is continually growing, our members comprise of both men and women who come from all walks of life and varying in age, we all have a common interest and are dedicated to the preserving the history of Ex-Military Vehicles from all over the world, through acquisition, collection, restoration and use.

AMVCS also encourages the collection of Note-Books, Pamphlets, Manuals of Instruction, Photographs, Films, Tools, Equipment and Spare Parts pertaining to the use of ex-military vehicles.

AMVCS members enjoy using and displaying their ex-military vehicles at our Calendar Events, Functions, Rallies, and Field Days.

AMVCS Corresponds and Promotes Good Fellowship with Interstate and International Military Vehicle Clubs, Societies, Associations and Organisations.  Efficiently liaising, exchanging information and assisting or seeking assistance with those who also have a common interest in working towards the collection and restoration of motor transport or engaged in the historical research of motor transport.

AMVCS members are always willing to advise and instruct other members where they can obtain knowledge to help each other become better ex-military vehicle drivers and to increase their knowledge base to be able to maintain their vehicle/s to a high state of efficiency.

AMVCS also publishes an enjoyable monthly Newsletter for members.

Meetings are held at Ashfield RSL 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8pm all are welcome.