Q:  Do I have to own a military vehicle to become a member?

A:  You don’t have to own a military vehicle to be a member, just have an interest, respect and love for military vehicles.

Q:  I’m interested in joining but how can I contact you as your website is currently being updated?

A:  Yes you can still contact us to become a member, please see our Contact page and just write to us by mail… we are currently updating our correspondence Email and Facebook page and hopefully will be available soon.

Q:  I would like to contact you about the use/ hire of your members’ vehicles?

A:  Yes at times our members and their vehicles may be available please see our Contact page and just write to us by mail… we are currently updating our correspondence Email.

Q:  What is the criteria to be a historic vehicle?

A:  AMVCS endorses the RMS Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme for ex-military vehicles that are eligible by meeting the RMS requirements listed below.

  • The vehicle must be
    • Roadworthy
    • Thirty years or older since the date of manufacturing
    •  A genuine ex-military vehicle
    • As close to original with no modifications other than safety add-ons as outlined in the RMS Historic Registration Scheme

Q:  As a member of AMVCS can my vehicle carry and or display weapons, firearms or replicas?

A:  AMVCS constitution Prohibits the carrying of weapons, firearms or replicas.

Q:  Are you a military organisation or body?

A:  No and we stress that AMVCS makes no attempt to be a military organisation or body.

Q:  What is your political view?

A:  AMVCS is a non-political Historic Vehicle Society based in NSW Australia.  It is comprised of individuals who share a common interest in the, acquisition, restoration, collection and use of historic and other ex-military vehicles.

Q:  Do you meet on a regular basis or are you just online?

A: AMVCS committee and members meet once a month on a Wednesday.

Q:  Do I have to attend every AMVCS meeting?

A:  We encourage all members to attend as many meetings as they can throughout the year, this allows you to meet and greet with fellow AMVCS members and discuss meeting points, however we completely understand that life can get hectic.  AMVCS meeting are a great safe place to get out for a couple of hours and meet some fabulous people with the same interests.

Q: I currently own a ex-military vehicle that has full NSW registration therefore doesn’t require Historic Vehicle Registration, can I still join and become an active member of AMVCS?

A: Yes you can definitely join and become a full active member of AMVCS and we would love you to join us.  It is NOT a requirement of AMVCS membership to have or require historic vehicle registration.